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Returned to California. Old habits die hard.

Desert Oblivion

In the summer of 1995 I was fourteen and had long purple hair. I listened almost exclusively to Jimi Hendrix, Tori Amos, and old dead classical composers.  I dressed like a  skater boy. I read for five to twelve hours … Continue reading

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Road Redux

I don’t know how to live in a city without shrinking. I’m already shy and prone to leaving parties early, without goodbyes. Yet in a city those dispositions are exponentially magnified. When I lived in California it was known by … Continue reading

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Portland, Music, Futures, Pasts: A Love-hate Story

My parents loved music nearly as much as they loved their four children. My mother had grown up on the East Coast and come from old Southern money. She was, miraculously, thankfully, the black sheep of the family. Motown, Soul, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Normalcy, Death-Style.

Today I learned that an old family friend, a kind of acquaintance-friend who my family had a falling out with, died while hiking a high-desert trail in Arizona. She had been on that very trail before. She was an experienced … Continue reading

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Longing. Belonging. Be longing.

In the photographs the sun is the color of amber, and it melts into our hair, the bent and twisted cypress tree, the window panes, our limbs. My sisters are shy but proud, and the buckskin dress that they take … Continue reading

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I Love You, Tomorrow

“I got static in my head / the reflected sound of everything” – Elliott Smith, Tomorrow Tomorrow “It is an experience common to all men to find that, on any special occasion, such as the production of a magical effect … Continue reading

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Humming trees line the sunburnt streets. They hum in waves, their song swelling, reaching a disorienting crescendo before ebbing back into soft silence: the music of insects. If there were a mascot for this city it would be an amorphous … Continue reading

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